Tips to Negotiate with NJ Movers

Tips to Negotiate with NJ movers

Moving is not only stressful but also quite expensive especially during these times. You need to have a hefty budget to support a high quality move that doesn’t compromise on their services, however you can still negotiate prices strategically despite the slim chances of having an affordable yet exemplary move.

Negotiation strategies are a bit tricky but having a little information on how to execute it can widen the chances slightly more. This comprehensive article provides expert tips to help you negotiate effectively with New Jersey Movers and get the best possible deals for your relocation.

7 Tips to Negotiate with NJ Movers

Working with a trustworthy and reasonably priced moving company is crucial as you get ready for your move. We at Fast Break Movers have put together 7 tips to help you negotiate with NJ movers to guarantee a smooth transition. These pointers will enable you to negotiate a great price for your move and move through the process with assurance.

1.   Obtain Estimates from NJ Moving Companies

When embarking on your relocation, the initial step should be gathering multiple quotes from various New Jersey moving companies. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the estimated moving cost, enabling you to determine which option aligns with your budget well.

Ensure you obtain written estimates that include all the essential details including services provided, costs and any additional fees. This clarity will help you make an informed decision about which company to choose.

2.   Examine the Estimate Thoroughly

Compare and examine the estimates carefully. This step is essential for deciding which company to opt for that is not scamming you with overpriced services and exceeding the designated budget.

It is imperative to compare the pricing of a wide range of companies and their services so that you could compare quotes and select an affordable moving company in New Jersey.

3.   Inquire About Any Additional Costs

Moving companies often include undisclosed costs in the final bill which can be detrimental to your overall pricing plan. It is essential to inquire about hidden or additional costs that may seem insignificant such as extra stairs or stops.

These charges can add up quickly, resulting in a substantially higher total cost. You shouldn’t assume that all costs are included in the initial estimate. Instead, ask about any additional fees to ensure transparency and accuracy in the pricing process.

4.   Clarify the Services Included

Communicating is the key to a seamless move. Do not be hesitant to inquire thoroughly about the services since you are paying for them.

Be clear and respectful and ask for an elaborated overview of what your services will or will not be including. Having this clarity will aid you in making an informed decision whether to further pursue the company or not.

5.   Make Sure that the Dates are Flexible

Choose flexible moving dates in order to minimise your expenses. Mentioned below is a simplified way to score a deal on your move.

  • Avoid moving during peak season.
  • If you are not in a rush, keep your moving schedule flexible and open.
  • Summers and weekends are the busiest hands down.

Therefore, for a clever approach, you can schedule during the less busy seasons as your moving company may offer good prices or even discounts depending on a different day.

6.   Be Courteous and Respectful

Bargaining requires skill and willpower. However, being rude or unnecessarily mean to the potential moving company will lead you nowhere and may end up sabotaging your move.

Be firm and clear yet also have a respectful and understanding attitude since they are also working to earn with dignity. Greet them and acknowledge their efforts by a simple ‘thankyou’ or ‘welcome’ as kindness never wrongs you.

7.   Inquire About Special Deals or Discounts

Many companies may not have discount offers or promotional deals displayed on their website. It won’t hurt to ask about it on the phone personally when inquiring about other details as they may be offering during off season moves or in general.

Major Areas of Negotiation:

1.   Cost

The moving industry is incredibly competitive with great competition with their allies. Hence, negotiating with their competitors’ prices may work into giving a slight discount over your move.

2.   Services

If viewed with a practical approach it is unlikely to get a high discount without giving anything up. Therefore, cut down on services that may add up unnecessarily to a hefty sum.

3.   Liability

Ensure the companies offer moving insurance and inquire about their moving liability in case of your belongings being damaged. Moving insurance can save you a significant sum if your goods are damaged, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this policy if a company offers it.

4.   Time

A professional move requires time and commitment. You can reduce costs by doing small labour yourself such as organising, packing, and unpacking. This may cut down a lot and adjust to your budget.


In conclusion, don’t hesitate to negotiate and halt your search for the best New Jersey moving company. It is vital to consider these aspects and also essential to keep in mind that company’s offering suspiciously low quotes can be sketchy hence stay away from them. Be respectful while inquiring and there are plenty of movers that may check all your boxes regarding an ideal move.