Explore 12 Tips by FastBreak Movers to Celebrate National Moving Month

Explore 12 Tips by FastBreak Movers to Celebrate National Moving Month

Top 12 Tips and Tricks by FastBreak Movers – Let’s Celebrate National Moving Month

1. Introduction

If you prefer to handle packing and unpacking by yourself, you must know it is a time-consuming task, and moving down to a new area should not be disastrous. We are one of the top movers, so National Moving Month has a significant importance for us. It is a chance, where we can appreciate the hard work our team does throughout the whole year. Enjoy some tips and tricks by FastBreak Movers, a reliable moving company to celebrate the national month of moving home.

2. What is National Moving Month and its History?

May is considered as the National Month of Moving because so many people relocate themselves in this month. It started when the Dutch settled themselves in Manhattan. In 1997, May was officially recognized as the National Moving Month.

3. Raising Awareness about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Not all

the moving home companies are reliable so you need to be aware of the risks. For instance; moving brokers are middlemen and charge high fees, unlicensed and rough movers pretend to be low-cost service providers but in the end charge high fees.

4. Moving Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Here are some amazing tips, tricks, and advice related to moving.

1. Get rid of some stuff:

Purge all the unnecessary items so you can pack fewer things with less stress.

2. Make a moving folder:

Use hard copy type, make a moving folder by adding the address of the new home, and rental paper.

3. Pack as far in advance as possible:

First pack off-season items and important things like during summer moving, you can pack winter coats, and so on.

4. Book early:

Book early for the rental service providers, painters, or cleaners to work at home before shifting.

5. Schedule utilities for your new place:

Contact the moving company to schedule service for the new home as the schedule should be ahead of time.

6. Keep the essentials with you:

Keep all the essentials the night before shifting like clothes, toothbrushes, toys, medications, and paperwork.

7. Invest in equipment:

Buy box cutters, adhesive bandages, packing tape, permanent markers, and paper towels.

8. Get a truck with a loading ramp:

DIY movers should hire a truck with a ramp that is helpful to lift furniture.

9. Measure, measure, measure:

Measure everything ahead of time because the issue should be resolved before moving.

10. Snap lots of pics:

Take snaps of the important things if there is a security deposit involved.

11. Unpack on a deadline:

There we need to have a deadline for every item to be unpacked for a specific room.

12. Deal with all those packing supplies:

You can give all the empty boxes to the people aspiring to relocate very soon.

5. Packing Tips for Moving Some important packing tips suggest how to pack for a move during National Moving Month.

  • Use the right size boxes
  • Utilize suitcases
  • Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes and lighter items on top
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes
  • Do not mix items from different rooms in the same box
  • Label each box with the specific room and description of its contents
  • Tape your moving boxes well
  • If you’re moving expensive art items, ask your mover about special crating
  • Take special care packing the kitchen for moving
  • Grab a cooler
  • Get your wardrobe in order
  • Learn about how to pack a TV for moving
  • Wrap big or valuable furniture


1. How long before moving out should you start the packing process?

You must know tips for packing to move. Start packing items at least 3 weeks beforehand.

2. What should you pack in the end?

The last items must be basic tools, bedding, and cleaning.

3. What is the best way to pack fragile things?

The best way for fragile items is to wrap them separately with packing paper.

4. How to be a better mover?

You must be familiar with the company’s policies to become a better mover.


There is no denying the fact that moving is a very tough and time-consuming task. You can follow packing and moving tips and tricks given by FastBreak movers to make this task a bed of roses and answer your question “how to move”.