Safety Tips for Long Distance Move by Fast Break Movers 2024

A move is considered a long distance move if it is over 400 miles. It is a big challenge and there are a number of things to be considered during this process. You can’t do this alone, and you must hire a long distance mover from New Jersey (company). You know the process of moving but not sure what to do first.

Are you confident enough of the team you have hired? In this blog we are going to discuss 10 safety tips for long distance moves by Fast Break Movers. These tips will help you keep your wallet, belongings and kids safe during cross country move. Learn how you can avoid scam and damages during the transition.

Safety Tips for Long Distance Move by Fast Break Movers

Here we have brought 10 safety tips for long distance moves to ensure safety from start to end.

1. Plan everything to prevent uneven situations

Whether you are packing or unpacking anything for your move, you must plan everything ahead. Proper preparation and organization leads to success so you must focus on thinking before physical activity. Evaluate every item, if anything stucks use your mind to find a solution.

2. Make sure you have plenty of blankets

Blankets provide protection to furniture and other large possessions. The surface of items can be covered by the blankets for sustaining damage during transportation. You can rent out blankets from any store near you.

3. Proper Weight Properly Distributed

Use a combination of heavy and light items in a box while packing. Ensure that the weight of all boxes is less than 50 pounds. Fill the space in the box with light items like pillows, bed sheets etc with heavy items.

4. Pack and Label Your Belongings Properly

Use durable cartons, papera and bubble wraps for packing your items. Hire a team of professional packers to avoid breaking any item. Finally label each box by clearly showing what is inside and where the  box can be fitted.

5. Protect Valuable and Sensitive Items

Take much care of certain items i.e gifts, electronics and essential documents. Keep some money in your pocket to buy packaging material for your delicate assets. Do research on moving companies and finalize a cross country mover who has insurance policy as a security against unexpected happening.

6. The Right Tool for the Job

Rent out the right tools from company or friends to lift heavy items instead of manhandling such as a dolly or glider. You can use ramps on the stairs and utilize straps for carrying large items. One of the most valuable assets is a hand truck.

7. Have Clear Path and Navigate with the Movers

Make your path clear by keeping the spaces free of any obstacles to avoid accidents. Check the weather outside before moving from your home. Navigating with the movers throughout via an open line of communication to enjoy a stress-free moving experience is necessary.

8. Ensure a Safe Transport

Safety of the belongings is paramount, hire a company that is reliable and ensures quality service. Research whether they are licensed and provide insurance or not. Check the cleanliness, maintenance and carrying capability of the moving truck.

9. Keep away Children and Pets

On moving day and during the packaging process, keep your children and pets away from the scene. Pets and children can create chaos during moving so allow them to stay with friends. If you can’t send them there then limitize their mobility to a specific room.

10. Unpack and settle in your new home completely

After reaching your destination, recoganize the challenges of new space and sort out them. Clean your house and then unpack all the belongings. Arrange all the furniture in an organized way reflecting your style at the new home.

Some Additional Tips

  • Nest smaller items inside larger one
  • Measure all items in advance
  • Seek service of a trusted relocation expert
  • Don’t hire a mover without checking reviews
  • Must know when to ask for help
  • Never give a mover a deposit
  • Consider buying moving insurance


How do I prepare for a long-distance move?

You can prepare for long-distance moves by following the above guidelines.

How to pack for a long move?

Start packing those items you do not need, pack similar items together, keep the essential item separate then labek every box.

How to handle a long distance move?

You can handle long-distance moves by pre planning, researching, downsizing and labeling.

How do you stay strong for a long distance?

Get updated, listen and communicate carefully, and plan for the future.


NJ Long distance moves are stress-full, requiring organized planning and patience. Acknowledge these 10 safety tips for long distance move by Fast Break Movers. These safety tips for long distance driving will help you to make your moving a breeze.